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Past Projects that may be useful to your organization:

New Project: HughesNet Monitor

Hughesnet Monitor

 Its annoying to suddenly find that you've used up your daily ration of bandwidth from Highesnet.  Here's an app that monitors your usage on a 5 minute cycle and shows when you are getting low. NOTE: for HN7000S format.


Project 1: Web based Time Tracking

User Time Entry This application allows employees to
punch in and punch out from a web
page on their computer.  Time is logged
to a database on your server and can be
edited by HR.  At the end of the pay
period the accumulcated time can be
imported into your payroll system.

Project 2: Automatic Form Fill

AutoFillThis application grew from the need to import data into applications which did not have an import function. So why not create a program to automatically fill forms from an Excel or other data file?

Project 3: MAS90/200 Dashboard

SalesThis application interfaces with MAS90/200 to assist with analysis of GL, IM, and PO data. Export info to excel, find out of balance entries, and graph accounts. Show inventory trends, reorder/sales information, streamline reordering, and more.

Project 4: Medical Lab Interface & Reporting

Sales This application works in a small medical office with a lab.  The provider can request labs via internal web page. The lab can manage the tests allowing the system to read the results from the machines and report back to the provider. History, notes, sendouts, and EMR reporting provided. Data stored in SQL database with standard reporting capabilities.

Project 5: Building Supply Component Orders

Sales  This application allows the construction of building supplies from several spreadsheets of raw components and assembly rules. The finished order is then printed and given to the customer. The picking sheet is sent to the warehouse for assembly and delivery.