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About Company

I moved to Delta in 2010 to semi-retire.  Since building a house, I've operated a software consulting business for former clients.

The current state of hardware and networking allows remote work to be done with ease.  Once a system is "wired in" and configured, remote access is a cost effective means of support.  I can provide that initial setup, ongoing support, or on-site troubleshooting.


Need those computers talking to each other?  Need printers installed/centralized, routers routed? Can't get your internet working?


Add programs/convert programs / make your work process flow smoother with custom applications. I can provide all levels of software for your business.


Systems encompass computers, software, interfaces, and hardware.  It could be as simple as a cash drawer or as complex as a manufacturing control system.  I've done all of this, from the design drawings to customer specifications to implementation and commissioning.  I have also worked with microcontrollers and embedded controllers.